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Because the output of the built-in flash on the Nikon P-90, like on most other super zoom camerasis low you have a limited flash range. Flash range is defined as the distance measured in feet from the camera to the subject that provides the correct exposure at ISO 100. The flash range for the P-90 is limited to 10 to 14 feet. As soon as the flash range exceeds 14 feet, the P-90 begins to increase the ISO setting. as soon as the numerical ISO setting goes to ISO 200 and above, electronic noise (which is often described as grain) begin to appear in the image.

Now the ideal way to maintain image quality is to increase the the light in the photo environment. The easiest thing would be to use a sizable external flash unit. However, the P-90 does not have a hot shoe. You still have another option. You can employ a slave flash that is triggered by your P-90's built-in flash unit. A slave flash like the DigiSlave-3000 will synch perfectly with your P-90 camera and provide flash coverage like that demonstrated in the attached photo. In the attached photo I was 23 feet away from my husband who was seated. It is a good example of what added light can do for your photo. And you will notice there is no graniness to the photo.

Finally, for the photo of the newborn. I would caution you that newborns have very sensitive eyes in the early months. I would suggest a photo in an outdoor shaded area, if the weather will allow it.

Have a great day and a Merry Christmas.

Sarah Joyce
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