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Default Sony W150 vs Panasonic FX35

Hi guys,

I would appreciate your expert opinion on choosing between these two:

Sony DSC-W150 - 30mm wide lens, 5x zoom, optical stabilization, 8Mpix, 2.7'' LCD
Panasonic Lumix FX35 - 25mm wide, 4x zoom, optical stabilization, 10Mpix, 2.5'' LCD

I would use it mostly for travel photos, so completely amateur use, I think I'd like what wide lenses can provide (haven't used a wide-lens camera yet), but it seems to me that zoom is important in this case too. Relatively good (as possible, of course, in this class) low light indoor photos would also be nice

Which one do you think would be better and why?

Thanks a bunch, I appreciate your time and effort helping!
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