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Never been to NYC.

Great pictures...I can't imagine being outside for many hours in colder weather like some of the pictured vendors.

Also seeing a fruit vendor in the open air in well below freezing temps...wonder how his produce weathers the cold.

Interesting carts...more complicated then the vendor carts we see here.

The carts with enclosures...sort of small trailers look very well built, probably expensive. The permanent vendor building is something I've never seen before...looks like it anchored right on a raised, purpose built foundation on the city sidewalk.

It would be interesting to know the city contract, taxes, set up needed for a permanent structure like that.

Our vendors only run from spring, through summer, pack it up by October. Winters here can get to be 30 to 40 below for periods.

They use smaller carts...all open, except for a few chip wagons which are converted city delivery vans.

Great series a bit of social history of NYC vendors that will be interesting to see 25 years later.
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