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Thanks, guys...what am I still doing up at this hour????

Anyway, this was handheld on the floor of my family room, as my 8 mos. old decided to be adorable. Yes, I think it looks too bright as well. I did a couple of methods. I tried adjusting the brightness using "adjust brightness/contrast", then "levels". I can't remember my camera settings, but they were way off, as you can tell by the original. It was taken indoors with both natural & lamp lighting, as well as flash. I'm trying to learn what levels to plug into the USM feature to get a sharper photo. But, I did do the USM.

Should I try the USM again to get sharper pic? I obviously saved my original that's been left unedited. Also, I think I tend to like "softer" pictures (esp. with babies & portraits), so I don't always see what I need to see.

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