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I like the Kodak Z-980 a lot. It performs well and it is capable of some excellent photos for its price range. Another feature of the Z980, that I like a lot, is its excellent macro or close-up ability.

Please give serious consideration to getting the Kodak P-20 external flash unit. That really expands the capabilities of the Z-980 a lot and lets you get into using all of the varieties of flash lighting. Bounce flash, in particular, does away with those typically hard and harsh shadows that we see traditionally created by using just the camera's built-in flash unit alone.

Be sure to actually handle both of the cameras if possible. The P-90 and the Z-980 are fairly sizable cameras. How a camera feels in hand, and the ability to easily manipulate the controls easily is very important. I have attached a typical landscape photo from the Kodak Z-980 to show you a bit of what the Z-980 is really capable of doing.

Have a great day.

Sarah Joyce
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