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Originally Posted by Walter_S View Post
I didn't really know in which forum this one belonged. It's not a landscape and it's not an architectural shot, in fact it's just a night-shot with a little Christmas-decorations on some of the flats porch, but a very sober one.

It's not costumary to put out lots of Christmas-lights and other blinking stuff, here in Norway. Just some lightbulbs on the old porch for Santa Claus to find its way around in the dark....

It's not even a perfect picture, as my rather flimsy tripod must have moved juuuuust a little in the rather strong wind I had when shooting this 5-exposure HDR, and some of the lights are not 100% sharp.

Anyway, I just wanted to show it off to the small audience who is in here in this 'forgotten' forum...

Early in the morning:

I love it Walter!

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