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Originally Posted by Hards80 View Post
i am really surprised they released another entry level before the new a700. actually i am starting to wonder if the a550/500 were meant to replace the a700..............

No, in a recent interview, Toru Katsumoto, General Director of the Alpha Division of Sony, was unambiguous. There *will* be A700 replacement and that they have been working on it. He wasn't clear whether it would be released in 2010 or 2011.

Maybe they were planning to release it soon, but last minute decided that it needs a redesign (for video) to be a worthy competitor to Canon 7D? Some speculation is that no video model that they were planning to release as A7xx would be released as A650; so there might be A650 coming soon, (PMA?) and A7xx is delayed but will definitely come later.
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