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Default E-30 high ISO examples

Olympus' track record, in the past, wasn't altogether very good when it came to acceptable level of noise in images where a high ISO setting was required.

With the release of the E-30 and the E-620 (both employing the same sensor),
I'm finding that I'm getting a much greater number of very acceptable images when using an ISO800 or greater (as opposed to the E-510). The noise that is present, to me, is not objectionable.

While I could get good images with the E-510 at high ISO settings, there was a lot of post processing being done in order to get that result.

The 3 examples that follow were taken with the E-30 using a 50-200mm ED (non SWD) lens set at 169mm focal length.
images 1 and 2 were shot at ISO1000 f6.3 1/250sec

image 3 was shot at ISO1250 f7.1 1/250sec.
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