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They look pretty good to me Zig. I have the 510 my first oly dslr so I can't compare it with others but I spend quite a bit of time in photoshop because I shoot a lot in fading light at the end of the day. Trying to balance ISO with aperature and shutter using the 70 300 is not easy at that time of day. Even though I use a tripod the shutter speed at 1/30 is tough on small birds. If I take the ISO to 4 or 800 I'm not happy with the quality and at 1 or 200 I have to drop the shutter so low I miss a lot of shots to blur. So I end up in photoshop playing with Shadow adjustment, brightness, exposure, etc, because the shots are to dark. Of course the 70 300 which I dearly love just doesn't shine under low light but you're right the 510 is ISO limited to 400 or below in low light.
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