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Originally Posted by JimC View Post
IOW, you'd be looking at around twice as much money for an Apple solution compared to what the OP paid for the box he bought (assuming he could even buy the Apple Mac Pro at U.S. prices)...
That doesn't appear to be the case from what I can tell (you wouldn't be able to buy one there for only twice as much money, compared to the Core i7 920 based system the OP got for $1495). It looks like a lower spec Mac Pro with a single 2.66GHz Nehalem and only 3GB of DDR3 with a slower GT 120 video card is going to run over $4000 (USD) in Argentina, from what I can tell from listings I find there at Mac dealers, given current currency conversions. Here's one example:

I'm sure it's a nice box (with lots of expandability). But, I don't think I'd pay several times as much just to get a system with the same basic CPU design (2.66Ghz Nehalem with 8MB Cache), with lower specs as far as memory speed, video card, etc., unless I *really* wanted to use OS X (and didn't want to go the "Hackinstosh" route), since benchmarks I've seen show the CPU speed to be identical between the 2.66Ghz Xeon CPU the Mac Pro uses, as compared to the Core i7 920 (which makes sense, since they're both Nehalem processors).
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