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Oh boy. This is not the thread I intended. To clarify, however, what I wanted to show is that the Kx is an extremely capable camera for my purposes. Below, you will see a shot with the Km at ISO 3200 taken at a music event. It's a pretty good shot, but note the ghosting on the guitar hand at left. With the Kx, I can eliminate that with the high ISO, faster shutter speed capabilities and get a cleaner shot for publication. After careful research, I chose the Pentax system because of bang for buck, starting with the K10D several years ago (sold it for half of what I paid), moving to the Km (that is now my backup) and currently the Kx. Unless you are shooting for Sports Illustrated or Vogue, bang for the buck is very important. For a small town, highly underpaid , reporter, the Kx is an incredible value. Last but not least, I showed a friend who is seriously invested in a high level Canon system a Kx ISO 6400 shot and his mouth just flat fell open at the quality.
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