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Hello everybody! I'm new here, and, strangely enough, I bought a Z1015is after I've read Sarah Joyce's review about Z1012 . (based on the theory "newer is better" ) . I must admit I have not put my hands on 1012 but I can tell you I'm satisfied with 1015 enough.
First of all, ill try to make a review with my own opinions considering also what others wrote, and after that, I'll upload some photos:

I'll start with the cons (everybody likes to start with the pros ) :
- lens cap jumps too easy ( this thing didn't bothered me but in can be very inconvenient if you do not have a camera bag )
- long processing time ( I saw others complaining but this doesn't bothered me at all. If I've wanted fast processing time per photo I used "last 3 pics" burst mode. )
- lowres LCD ( oh come on! what do you want to see on that tiny screen? for me, those are made for PREVIEW, for other purposes use a PC duuuh)
-no filters ( as a the matter fact this camera HAS an adapter. I don't know how they fit this, but many of them did the adapter on their own...just Google it. I know is easier with the screw system, but it's not all lost if you really want to put filters. Also there are many PP techniques that can be used to achieve some of the effects)

Now the pros :

- impressive image quality IMO ( sharp and nice colors )
- RAW capability is a big plus
- very easy to use, everything is needed fast is in the right place to find
- relatively cheap i'd say, for the performance ( I payed aprox. 190$ for a refurbished Class 1 , very good deal )

I'll try to make the last firmware update even if some say It won't improve much of the processing speed. I'll also post my opinion on the improvement rate after I'll test it.
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