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Default Snow-Angel and Seasmoke

It's not an exciting shot as such. It's more of a mood I stumbled across my daily walks along the seashore. It was very cold, a bitter north-easterly wind - carrying more cold all the way from Siberia - was blowing down that sound, when I stumbled across this snow-figure, right by the edge of the pier.

A Snow-Angel!
At least it's what we called it when we were kids, playing in the snow. One would lie back-down in the snow, imprinting your upper-body into the ground, and waving your arm sideways, up and down, making a fan-like imprint (angels-wings, so to speak) on both sides of your body - A Snow-Angel was born! By the looks of the 'angels' size it must have been a small child leaving behind a childhood-memory for me to re-discover.

I had forgotten all about this (old men ususally forget quite a lot...) until I stumbled across this figure in the snow - and it all came back to me. The circumstances that day, were different from my own memories (all good memories are always from nice weather with the sun shining!), but warming just the same...

Snow-Angel in the snow and seasmoke on the water. That 'steam-like' fog raising from the water is due to the ice-cold temperatures of approx. - 15 C in the air, while the water still has some warmth, giving off condensation.

BTW - The time is the middle of the day and this is just about how high the sun gets on the Norwegian horizon these days. Due to the northern Latitudes we only have about 4-5 hours of daylight.

Thank you for looking!

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