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I tried kbuntu karmic koala which has the latest repos and ubuntu spares none dated software. Digikam and gwenview are really nice! I was using kubuntu with openshot video editor which in my opinion has some of the best wipe effects ever in any software. renders full HD videos in minutes but thats not the point. I had trouble gaming and watching HD videos on it since the kernel and software are so new and almost beta which is bleeding edge stuff. I Also had problems with the kwin rendering of KDE 4.2 or 3. gnome and compiz was also a problem. Think it was 4.3 for kde which was slow on my nvidia card. I had to custom built scripts to make these runs but...that's now what I wanted to talk about since now I'm ramblin again.

ill look at mint 8...I thought this was proprietary stuff?! like its backed by major companies that want money?! am I wrong?

anyway, I have my s200exr and I LOVE IT! I took a few pictures in raw and raw therapy works like a charm. I can grab some of the best images I can squeeze out of the camera. I'm afraid raw is the way to go if you want picture perfect. This is way better than my s2000hd. I cant wait for my pocket f200exr or f70exr.

The EXR is incredible for night shots and I can force iso 100 for night shots but the only draw back it becomes a 6mp camera but the sharpness and iso noise is so low I rather live like this than 12mp noisy blurry pics. Very nice!

im almost done finalizing my favorite settings for "on the go" and The pictures i am taking are just gorgeous. I can say that I am having so much fun. I dont need to screw around with the "DSLR" quirks of a camera and just be happy with my bridge camera.

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