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Welcome, i do not know what your camera setup is, or a link to the information about it, but maybe I can help.

Normally these cameras do not give a true live image, it is usually delayed after compression, if it outputs at all, or in a lower resolution. If you had a camera that could do this then most laptops will not have hdmi input, some an output. You would have to buy a capture device, there are two that i can remember for hdmi that are affordable, but maybe not for laptop yet, intensity/intensity pro from black magic design, and another one but I have forgotten the companies name (a big video production capture equipment company). The other option is HD component, if the camera has it, and equipment to capture that. For standard definition there are a number of capture devices with video/svideo or component (only component will give you max standard encoded video quality, then the device and software have to take advantage of that).

The other option is the webcam function but that is usually far lower than sd mode.

So, it is not really worth it.

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