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What being misunderstood is.. For sure, newbies want to learn as much as they can, when they want to enter to digital photography and stuffs. Personally, I was a newbie once upon a time, and asked ops: similar WSIB questions too. But time after time, I saw that those WSIB questions really disarrange the whole forum.

Then I understood.. Whole newbies are mostly excited people who want to take their digital photos as soon as possible and they want to buy a good cam w/o wasting their budget. At that point what newbies lack is a simple one word:


I'm totally accepting that there must be WSIB questions, what annoys people and old users is not these questions but both the quantity and quality of them. If you look at most WSIB, most of their contents are the same; same spesifications, same budget limits etc. What newbies must have been told is; before entering a topic, like a private mail to be answered into the forums, they should search what they need. Probably the arguments they care mostly made before.

As a result, none of us came out to the world with a digital camera. For sure, there will be newcomers, who want to enter digital world, but their first step will be "WSIB" questions, doubtless. The solution of this problem is passing through not anybody else, but through newbies and their sensitivity on this matter; searching.
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