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Originally Posted by Torgny View Post

These are medium sized reindeer herders and also used for hunting (tree barkers) and some light sledge .......

The exact name is Finnish Lapp Dogs (double p), in Finnish Porokoira, meaning Reindeer Dog

Northern Scandinavia - Kola Peninsula and even west Siberia

Very social breed. As you probably know herders have to read your mind before you yourself are conscious of what you want them to do

That does in no way mean that they don't have their own will. They can be quite stubborn at times, pretending that they don't know. Can be recommended as a family dog.

Must spend some hours outside every day

Strong canine instincts, wolflike

Beautiful dogs, and nice shots of them!

After researching this these guys however are no relation to the Kuvasz type dog. They appear to be a relatively recent cross between the Swedish Lapphund and the German Shepherd.


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