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Thanks for the reply. The Finnish Lapphund rather has genes from The Karelian Bear Dog, than from the Schäfer. The Schäfer is originally a herder (group 1) while the Karelian Bear Dog is a hunter (group 5)

I find that article rather accutate. Check out the Finnish history, not the American, since they are new over there


The Kennel Club categorizes the Schäfer as a group 1 dog while the Finnish Lapphund, Swedish Lapphund and Karelian Bear Dog are group 5 dogs

The Karelian Bear Dog shouldn't be kept inside houses or appartments at all. They belong to the forests and the wide open fields

These three breeds stand up to wolves. For how long is another matter. Strange, they can be afraid ot small changes in the environment but have no fear in approaching any other animals

Here is Siiri, she's a bit over a year by now. Must do a picture summary of her first year.

(At the moment she's plaing with a massive blue ball)


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