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Thanks for the nice words, guys. Good light makes picture-taking a whole lot easier, lol. I was able to sit for a long period each morning this weekend, making the birds far more comfortable coming in a little closer than I can usually get them. Of course that means less cropping and better detail.

John, I'm convinced the focus system in the K-7 is much sharper than the earlier Pentaxes. I have had little opportunity to really test its speed on sports shooting, although my gut feeling is that it's also quite a bit faster.

Lou, they were taken hand-held with the Bigma. I almost never use a tripod for bird shooting unless I'm using a 2X teleconverter on top of the Bigma. I always try to be ready for flight shots, although I didn't include any in this group. (The only crisp flight shots I got were of black vultures, and they just weren't interesting enough to keep. The red-shouldered hawk I kept tracking just refused to cooperate and come down to an altitude where the photo was anything more than a massive crop.)

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