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Welcome to the Forum. We're please you dropped by.

For a super zoom camera, we would suggest the Panasonic FZ-35/38. The camera has differentmodel number depending in which part of the world in which you live. I personally own and use the Panasonic FZ-35/38, the Olympus SP590, the Sony H-50, the Nikon P-50, and the Canon SX-10. Among all of those camera, clearly, the FZ-35/35 has proved to be the best camera.

With 18X optical zoom, HD video with stereo sound, and excellent image quality, it is also high ISO capable, allow you to shoot continuously at ISO 800 and to use ISO 1600 nicely in a pinch. It is my #1 choice. The FZ-35/38 is only 14 ounces in weight. That makes it equal to all except the P-90 and the SX-20 cameras which weigh nearly twice the FZ-35/38's 14 ounce.

The Nikon P-90 shows noise in its images even at base ISO, using any ISO setting greater that ISO 400 becomes much to noisey and shows greatlgreater than ISO 400.y, the effect of noise deteriorating your image quality substantially.

The Sony H-50 is a good camera, but it image quality is not up to that produced by either the FZ-35/38 or the Canon SX-10/20 which is also great affected by noise at any ISO setting. While the SP-590 has a lot of zoom, 26X optical zoom, the image quality takes a real hit in quality when the camera is zoomed beyond 300mm.

The clear, #1 choice is the Panasonic FZ-35/38. Have a great day.

Sarah Joyce.
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