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Default More shots of the Raft of Scaups in Dead Horse Bay

I had no energy this Saturday, but the dog needs his run, so off we went to Floyd Bennet field. For some reason the Raft of Scaups shrank dramatically, although the ducks still seemed to cover the same huge area. I would in this case guestimate about 5,000 ducks.

Today I took some thought, and made a few shots with the Swarovski for the purpose of highlighting the impression of this raft.

The first two photographs are with my Sigma. It would take three shots to show the entire raft.

I then switched over to the Swarovski, and shot the furthest edge of the Raft, about a quarter mile off...

This next shot was of the Scaups right in front of me, perhaps 100 yards away.

Finally, right against the Marina, almost half a mile off, was a small flock of Buffle Head Ducks and a horned Grebe. You can also make out some Herring Gulls perched on the deck.

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