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Originally Posted by Hards80 View Post
very interesting bike. just for curiosity, what is the term Cafe Racer for?
Cafe racing was something that started in England in the 50'-60's. They were english built bikes, that riders uses to race from on cafe to another cafe. They would put a coin in a play a song at one cafe, race to the next one before the song ended. Their bikes were very personalize.

So modern Cafe racers are pretty much retro style bikes from that era, that has a racing style to it. You can tell cafe racer bikers style by the warn leather jackets with racing stripe and half helmets with googles. It is vintage looking, with a european flare. No Harleys.

Pretty much the modern day cafe racers are the triumph thruxton and scrambler, ducati's 1000 GT and the moto guzzi 750 classic and sport.
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