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Default Tokina 80-400 ?

Hey everyone,

Does anyone have/had any experience with the below lens?

Tokina 80-400/4.5-5.6 AT-X 840 D

I have used the bigma and it has a little more reach, but it's heavy to hold extended periods. This lens is roughly the same size as the nikon but far less expensive. Yes there is a reason for this I'm sure, but as far as bang for the buck what are the pictures like with this lens? I used the bigma at an air show and I liked it ok... it was tough zomming in and out at times and I know it was a little slow as some of the pics are not real sharp.

This lens while not as far is a little faster and am considering buying it. Air shows, animals, generally getting close to things without being on them is what I need. Just looking for some information from someone that may have used it. Thanks..
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