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Welcome to the Forum. We're glad that you dropped by.

You have received some rather good, but general advice, from two very skilled DSLR photographers. Why then am I adding to your thread? Because I am a HX-1 user and owner, and I follow the HX-1 very closely. I also shoot with a DSLR camera as well.

In terms of camera introductions, they tend to follow rather fixed cycles of product development and introduction. Sony is currently in the middle of a major product introduction for the HX-5 model. That new camera is a different camera than the HX-1 by a wide margin. It is a compact zoom camera, with 10X optical zoom, that is pocket sized.

Please correct me, if I am misunderstanding your post, but I am guessing that you are seeking a larger camera with more zoom. The current HX-1 is a very good camera, and at the outset the normal time period that we would be looking at for a replacement is in April or May 2010, with the new camera reaching dealer's shelves in mid June to early July.

I have been working at developing more interest in the HX-1 in the Sony P+S folder. So you may wish to take a look at what has already been posted. If you wait for an HX-2, there may indeed be no HX-2, that is always a possibility. However, at the outset, it will be at least July before we see a new HX-2, if there is going to be one.

As I use multiple cameras, I sought to reduce my "up front" costs, and I purchased a used HX-1, that has been very satisfactory. The number of used HX-1 cameras is rather liminted, and they hold their value. Used HX-1 camera, if you can find them are selling for around $350. So I would venture the opinion that the first desision you have to make is to wait, or to go with the current HX-1.

Have a great day.

Sarah Joyce
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