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Originally Posted by nech770 View Post
thanks for the advice - i know that it is more about the photog than the camera and I am NOT a photog... I played with the f70 and returned it as the pics were ok but the camera keeps choosing a high iso... as high as you let it... and I felt and was told by many that to get good shots you need to play with the settings.
I am willing to learn and I understand some basic concepts, but as a busy mom of 3 young kids.. I want to be able to pick up the camera and shoot. I can't evaluate the situation, meter the light compose a photo... kids are doing something cute I need to be able to pick up camera turn on, point and shoot or I miss the shot.

Assuming I set up as you suggest is this possible? to set P or even auto to auto iso 400 - and shoot? and use the exr dr as suggested...
I can be like ok bright and sunny - use EXR-DR, Everything else use P - and decide flash or no flash... how often will I need to fiddle with the ISOs? would my idea of auto400 or auto800 ISO work in auto mode better than the P mode where I need to pick the ISO? Is there something else in the auto mode - besides pick a too high iso that is done that reduces the quality.

After playing with it and deciding it was not for me... I tried the samsung WB550/HZ15 and although it was better at choosing stuff in auto - the focusing was slow and in low light it is a problem and often at home the lighting is not so great. I played with the Canonsx200 and it seemed ok but again although picked a lower iso, iso 400 there looks like the ISO 800 in the f70.... so am I just being too fussy? I see AMAZING pics come out of it and know that is what I want.. but if it means playing with the settings and missing the shot then what have a gained?
So I am getting frustrated...
Thanks for listening guys and directing me.
Understand your situation. By putting any camera in the "A" mode you are basically losing all control. It will select the aperture, shutter speed, ISO, and WB. If you have program mode, then use that. At least you can control the ISO. In your situation, set the ISO to 200, max will be 400. Do some test shots in rooms that your children are in the most. At ISO 200 see if your shots are sharp, maybe place a pet in the room that you are shooting in. If everything is acceptable then stick with that setting. If not use ISO 400, but understand that an increase in ISO 200 to 400, is an increase in noise. I would not go beyond 400 with a digicam. Of course it your decision, but I would return the Samsung. The F70EXR is a far better camera.
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