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Originally Posted by JohnG View Post
Torgny - I just want to clarify - is the purpose to debate editing of photos and what is considered acceptable and what might be considered dishonest? Or did I completely misunderstand?


I'm happy you replied. Yes, basically that's the purpose. If there is enough interest. I think you (and others) are better suited than I am to draw(?) up guidlines

Adobe Photoshop is celebrating it's 20th anniversary today, I think. The people behind the program mean that Ps has changed the way we look at the world. Basically that means that an editing software to some degree determines our perception of "reality". That's a serious matter

Looking at photosites I can see two tendencies.

Heavy manipulation to gain artistic effects pass as "natural". Photographers of all kinds have a special responsability towards reality, I think. Perhaps it would be more honest to publish some pictures as digital art. Unaltered photos can be and very often are artistic

Overcooked colours. There is a risk that captures of these special moments with very strong colours drown in the flood of oversaturated pictures.

Thank you, John


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