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Originally Posted by zig-123 View Post
According to the latest post at 43rumors this announcement is related to the E-PL1. No new DSLR announcement is expected on the 28th.
One day it's the next E5 the next day it's that no DSLR will be introduced. They seem to scour the internet and post the next newest rumor anyone starts. Eventually....if you post everything you can find, something will turn out to actually be right.

I'm not quite sure how much credence more than 24 hours in advance of any official announcement anyone should give a website that posts stuff like this on the current front page..

"First off: Thanks for sending me rumors! What kind of rumors did I receive? Some about the E-5 some about the next Olympus PEN some about the Pansonic MFT series and some about Sigma (yes Sigma). Maybe in one of our next posts I will post all this rumors under a “FT2 value” (from unknown and unreliable source)."


So....he's covering his back-end in every which direction you can point and, in the end, can say he had SOMETHING there that was right.

What exactly IS this guy saying, other than he doesn't have the faintest idea what's coming in 11 days?

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