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Originally Posted by Greg Chappell View Post
Kirk sounds more like someone interested in trying to increase readership to me, and a little National Enquirer-like to make a wild prediction about prism finders going away in five years. Looking at his typical subjects, Kirk doesn't seem like the kinda guy looking to shoot anything that moves. If he did, he wouldn't be saying that.

I remember Ken Rockwell once predicting that the Olympus 4/3rd's system would be dead and gone by 2007 (it's still there in his E-1 "review"). Take what Kirk says for what it's worth, which is not much more than what anyone else is saying. He just has a website he pays for from which to say it.

During the Winter months when there's not a whole lot of interesting opportunities to go out and use the camera, I find myself spending way too much time looking at a whole host of sites and devouring information that I find.
Most of it is an interesting read and that's about it. I've never been one to get too cranked up about 'what could be or the next best thing coming out'
And, I altogether ignore posts on other forums that begin with:

If Olympus doesn't release a new camera and soon I'm going to................. (you can fill in the blank).

I'm pretty satisfied with the equipment I have. It meets my current needs and current personal abilities. If Olympus does release a revolutionary new fourthirds DSLR on the 28th, I wouldn't buy it now anyways as I'm experiencing a personal budget shortfall.

But............if Greg (the Northern one) ever tires of his 300mm 2.8, I'd be happy to talk to him about it.

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