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Default NO INSTRUCTION MANUAL... so please HELP ME!!

Okay, those of you who have one of these, help me out here, P-P-PLEASE!!!!
I bought the last one of these they had in stock today at Fryes and it was the demo model, no longer in box. I paid $75 plus tax. No instruction booklet and could not find one at the website.
Had high hopes, came home and plugged in the USB... finally got that recognised, but when I turn it on and put negs in the tray, it shows a greyed out image in the background with a huge red question mark in the foreground that I cannot get to disappear. It will not allow me to do anything while that is showing... so now what do I do?
By the way, I notice that the newer model of this same item (FD2-200) has an AC plug and mine seems to be simply powered by the USB... am I correct?
How do I scan directly to my computer???
One last question (technical)... I purchased this primarily to scan at least hundreds of the thousands of Stereo Realist (mounted) slides that my father (RIP) has left behind... but will they fit in these trays??
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