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Originally Posted by Steven R View Post
Horrible, horrible shot. Obviously the lens needs to be broken in properly before your vacation!!

I think that you should ship it down to me so that I can get it broke in and working right before you get down here! It's a sacrifice, but I will be glad to do it for my friends.

Send it to me and you can come by my house and I may give it back when you start your vacation. LOL!!!
Hi Steven,

Thanks for volunteering to rectify the lens for me as I've been having a devil of a time with it. (grin).......

Actually this is grey light, yesterday morning and the view from the condo we're staying at in Vero Beach. We're leaving tomorrow am for Marco.

Also, failed to mention that I used a tripod with the camera set at:

ISO100, shutter speed 13 seconds, F5.0, exp. mode: manual
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