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Default Coming Up in the World - A Day in the Life of a Mushroom

These are stages in the life of a mushroom (#2-6 and 8 are the same mushroom). Mushrooms are actually spore-bearing fruiting bodies; the actual organism (the mycelium) is below ground, much longer lived, and produces many mushrooms. These "mini-mushrooms" last only about 12 hours from eruption to dessication - they release their spores and then quickly wilt. These appear mostly at night and are gone by or shortly after dawn, but a few individuals seem off schedule and are up for all or part of the daytime. The seedlings are California Poppies, and the little "caps" holding the leaves together at the tips on some of them are the seed coats that have not yet been shed. K20D and Tamron 90mm macro plus built-in flash.

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