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Yes.. I see the footnote at the bottom of the listing on their web site that it's excluded. Grrrr

Optically, the lenses test about the same. So, the advantage you'd have with the VR version is when you were shooting in conditions where camera shake could be a problem (i.e., slower shutter speeds). It's not as important for wider focal lengths (since camera shake is magnified as focal lengths get longer), and it won't help with blur from subject movement. But, it can come in handy for still subjects when you can't (or don't want to) use a tripod in less than optimum lighting.

The VR version of the lens is more expensive and I'd probably be a bit ticked off about paying as much for a kit with a non-VR lens as dealers are selling the kit with a VR lens for. For example, see this listing at Jessops where they have the Nikon D5000 kit with the 18-55mm VR lens listed at 529.00 (plus you can get a 50 cash back from Nikon).

I see where Argos does show up in the list of online dealers on the Nikon Europe site here:

So, if it were me, I might be inclined to contact Argos customer service and argue that the listing should have been for a kit including a VR lens, since that's the way the Nikon Europe site shows the available kit for it here:

IOW, as large as Argos appears to be, they might be inclined to swap it out and/or give you a price break versus getting any bad press and/or complaints from Nikon (if you contacted them about it) over a listing that could be easily misinterpreted, since Nikon's site shows a kit including a VR lens. ;-)

Now, that shouldn't stop them from offering a kit with any lens they want to. But, IMO, they should have made it much clearer that it was their kit versus a Nikon kit if they're going to sell it that way, especially since the Nikon bundled kit includes a VR lens from what I can tell from the Nikon Europe web site.
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