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Default An HX1 Question re: Video to DVD

Can anyone shed any light on how to get the HD video from the HX1 to a DVD? I'm hoping not to get into the editing thing. Not my style.

The new Sony HX5 states that it is compatible with the Sony DVD writer. This is, I'm pretty sure, the first model with that capability. I'm going to guess that the "HX2" will also have this capability.

I will likely buy the "HX2" if it's out before May and not too pricey and not too heavy. It it's heavier than the HX1, that's my fall back camera but I have no idea how complicated it will be to get my videos to a DVD.

Thanks for any input. In fact, any HX1 comments are welcome. I've used the camera in a local Best Buy store and love it. The burst mode is amazing!

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