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Default How good are digital pictures

Someone recommended me to take the online photography of Short I understood most of the facts but I think I need a good DC to really understand the values of Aperture and ISO's....

I read that the,
1) human eye is equivalent to 120 MP's
2) Film camera capture 20 MP's
3) Digital Camera's now has a 12 MP avatar...

So how is that you compare a 3 MP camera to,....a film camera. Will not there be a huge difference. Should'nt everyone just go for the 12MP cameras and if you cannot afford why not just go for a film roll camera... :?: :?:

It is just that in a place like India, you do not come across many DC and I do not want to take any chances...Thanks in advance,

PS: I own a 0.3 MP camera, so i really know the limits of a DC. It is a crap camera.
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