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Default Please help me Speed SV800 DV


I have no idea if this forum can help in specific technical problems of digital cameras but I really don't know what to do. I recently brought a digital camera from another country. It's a Speed 8 MegaPixels, SV800 MPEG4 Digital Video Camera. It came with a battery and a battery charger which I charged and is currently fully charged. It has internal built in memory. I put the battery inside the camera but the camera just won't turn on at all. I connected the camera to the laptop and I installed the driver from it's software CD on the laptop but no matter what I do, the camera won't turn on. The battery charger indicates that the battery is fully charged. What should I do? I live in Egypt, and I didn't buy the camera from here and I won't be travelling to that other country anytime soon. There's no retail shop here for Speed brands. I searched all over the internet. Their official website is really useless, it doesn't even have a place for troubleshooting.

Please help me, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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