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Yes, the tables were one way to approach it. But, at the same time, there are so many new camera models coming out now, that it's becoming more difficult for someone to look through a table to find what they're looking for.

As you've already noticed, the Compare Prices menu choice does give you some search options (Manufacturer, Megapixels, Stabilization options, LCD Size, Weight, Memory Card type and more). We also have some columns in the lists of the reviews here now for things like Megapixels, Zoom and more.

Of course, even more options would be ideal. So, we will certainly keep user suggestions in mind when making changes and enhancements going forward.

Thanks for taking the time to post some feedback on this subject.

By the way, Welcome to the Forums. If you're camera shopping now, you may also want to post a note with some detail on what you're looking for in our What Camera Should I Buy Forum, so that other members here can help out with your search.
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