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Originally Posted by fishycomics View Post
battery has a very lil tab or slotm they as well have a arrow, aligning up the batt to the pins.

does thepins match, not bent do they look like they will make contact.

When usb on pc and cam plugged in does anything occure, like pc recognising, you may have to pres or open or turn on cam

battery on most today are not needed to do this.

if cam does not turn on DEAD on arrival like the above poster says

store bought, no reciept, no number and out of country,, I say google, streetmap any map site , grab the info that is provided and do your best in contacting via phone, get a phone card cost pennies.

and see if thathelps in cotnacting , I understand purchasing and getting stuck hurts, but do not let this be a damper.

not trying to sound like a bad person, i look for the same model order and get the info from that person. to contact company. or exchanging .
Thank you very much for your reply.

- I'm sure the battery is placed correctly and alligned against the pins with all pins looking in perfect condition
- When i connected to laptop i tried switching it on, and it didnt respond as well
- I will try to get more information about the company to contact them about my problem
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