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Originally Posted by Eetu View Post
Hi bigdawg!

Hey that lense is the bees knees of lenses!

If you don't mind me asking, do you buy lenses on E-bay??? Do you have any thoughts or opinions about lenses on e-bay? I never have bought from e-bay, but I have very close friend, back in Plymouth, England where I used to live... he buys a lot of things of e-bay. Just that when it comes to lenses... well, seems like a interesting idea.

Take care and thanks.

I buy most of my used lenses from Ebay.

I buy most of my new lenses from B&H Photo Video.

If you buy on Ebay.. first check the new price from several online stores as sometime people will jack the price up to sell to the unwary. Ask here before you buy something. Just PM some of us with the URL to the lens on Ebay and we will give you our opinion. Just be safe with your personal info and use PayPal when you can.
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