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Breed Stockagdotta I had some Black face and a few Southdowners mix all gone now.. Small herd most caught to much out of the oats one was wild game for a Coyote and the other was found upside down in between the fence and an old compost bin ... I try again one day I would love to be around some one when they are in the spring lambing season.... it would be a something to me! My first as a ram and actually talked to me the first day for I trimmed his forehead locks and gave him a nice big strawberry he said what it sounded like Sweetheart!..... in his tone of voice Baaaaala! I love the Jacobs and Lincoln for the beginner spinners for the fiber is so long and sticky.. I took once I had that in my hands.... Thanks to Mrs Ness for sharing with me that day. My own great Grandmother and her three boys raised sheep in Saco Montana from 1909 till 1963.... I have her diaries from 1920's to 1963 just 2 years worth gone missing its in my bloods with all the rest of the stock !

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