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Originally Posted by unklscrufy View Post
I use it with my 50D, which is nice for getting just the right shot, but I end up shooting a crapload of pictures that I have to go through after a game. If I try to adjust the exposure compensation before shooting, the 50D goes into a three-frame burst mode and I can't do continuous shooting.
Exposure compensation should not affect burst. Now, what you describe sounds like exposure BRACKETING - completely different. But shooting in AV mode with positive EC should still give you full burst capabilities. If you are indeed using EC and not exposure bracketing and you're in AV (or even TV mode) and your camera only allows 3 shot bursts then you've got a problem. It shouldn't operate like that.

As mentioned though, I'd recommend manual exposures - that way jerseys or background aren't impacting your exposures. Lighting may be poor but it's usually consistantly poor.
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