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Default MartinSykes pseudo-HDR is a good software!

I needed a break from reading all the squabble of what is best, or better, in another HDR-tread her, so I would like to point out that we have a perfect "in-house"-development going on her, with Martin's Auto-HDR which I have tested several times now.

Name:  WEB_P0_02_16_0053.jpg
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The original (underexposed) photo:

Name:  WEB_P0_02_16_0053_HDR.jpg
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Run through Auto-HDR v1.17 at 'normal' and 'average' settings.

I had with intend chosen a photo with strong lateral lines / wire-stays because I know from experinece that even Photomatix has problems rendering a smooth sky when it is broken up by strong contrasty dividers, like this here.

This pseudo-HDR came out first-rate, in my opinion! Thank you, Martin for providing us with such a handy tool as Auto-HDR really is. And best of all, the *.exe-file is only 64 KB big !!

Amazing programming, if you ask me!

Private Sub Command1_Click()
MsgBox ("Thank's a lot, mate!" , vbOK , "To Martin:")
End Sub

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