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Originally Posted by Eetu View Post
Hi Torgny! Thanks for the shots. My eyes are drawn into a picture in different ways... By the way, in the first photo, just as a kind suggestion, I would have let the lady walk just a little further into the picture... just a little more... gives a slightly more human element/presence into the mood of "Rum 26". Thanks. Ned


Yes, Eetu, you're right. I'm not a postprocessor, so I couldn't move her into the picture. In the first round i tried to remove the Mercedes (some priority) but it was too heavy.

Alternatively I could leave her out. Here is the unaltered output from RAW. No lense correction. Feel free to do a cropping after your liking. Want this forum to be less of s showroom (catwalk) and more of a workshop

Nice weekend, Eetu

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