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Thanks for the dof lesson. I am really learning a lot! I think what draws me to a DSLR is being able to get that dof. I feel like a p+s just gives snapshot, flat looking photos most of the time and that a DSLR can give photos with more depth and crispness of the subject. Therefore to me they look much more professional. I really love taking photos and I have gotten many really nice shots (even some sports shots) with my old p+s but maybe it is time for me to move up to a DSLR. I know I would have fun with it. But I also know having an FZ35 would be a step up from my old Olympus D-550 that I've had for 8 years.

One more question: Would it be safe to say that even the least expensive entry level DSLR (like the Sony A230 or Oly E-420 or Canon XS or XSi) would give me better image quality, better sports shots, better dof, better low light than the FZ35? I think the answer is yes because of the larger sensor but I would like your opinions too.

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