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Originally Posted by calmmom View Post

One more question: Would it be safe to say that even the least expensive entry level DSLR (like the Sony A230 or Oly E-420 or Canon XS or XSi) would give me better image quality, better sports shots, better dof, better low light than the FZ35? I think the answer is yes because of the larger sensor but I would like your opinions too.


any dslr will outperform the fz-35 or any p&s camera, their sensors are just on a different league in size. and any of them will give you more control over DoF, the olympus to a slightly smaller extent because the 4/3 sensor is smaller.

if you have any aspirations of sports shooting, and getting lenses you need for dong it later. then out of your list, only the Canon XSi will have the autofocus system to do it right.
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