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Originally Posted by deadshot View Post
...I have noticed is that flowers and sunsets dont move very fast (sarcasmn not intended) ...
Of course sarcasm was intended (and you realized it otherwise you'd have chosen a different way to express yourself)! But, that's not the intent of my reply. I don't have the GH1 but I do have the G1 and I'm not sure there is a huge difference between the two models when it comes to AF/shutter speed and burst mode blackouts. When I bought my first house almost 20 years ago, I did not have any skills in terms of doing home improvements but one thing I realized almost immediately as I was forced to do some work around the house...having the proper tools for the job was key! Can you use a flat screwdriver to screw in a phillips-headed screw? Of course you can but is it easier, better or more efficient than using a proper size phillips screwdriver? Heck no. My point here is, if you're shooting slow-moving objects (i.e. flowers and sunsets), the G1 is an awesome tool but if you want to photograph sports of fast moving objects, then you may be better off shooting with a Nikon D5000 for example!

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