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I am a hobby photographer for the past 20+ years. Used an SLR for over 10-years before getting hooked on digital with a Nikon 5700 which served me well for 7-years.

I want more than what I could do with the 5700 and some of the other P&Ss I've used (Fuji F40FD and Canon SD 780IS), but I don't have the bucks to spend on a good dSLR.

I know a super-zoom bridge won't quite match the IQ of a dSLR, but they are certainly more versatile and can offer the zoom range that can only be accomplished by carrying multiple lenses for a dSLR.

I really hope the Fuji HS10 proves to be an excellent camera in which case that's the one I'm going to buy. Else, the choice for me really comes down to the S200 and FZ35.

The FZ35 definitely holds the edge for usability and HD video capability, it's something I can easily hand over to someone and say just point and click. The Fuji S200 on the other hand will not be as easy for someone other than me to use.
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