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Default Location... PartII

OK, I promised some more interesting photos. I spotted this Red Shoulder Hawk about 2 hundred yards away and had to look through the VF just to verify. walked to within 300ft and got this shot. As you can see, he was checking me out intently.

And this one at about 150ft before he decided he had enough of me and flew off.

And here's another first for me. these two tiny least yellow legs were so small one could easily missed them altogether. I believe these were juveniles because I've gotten photos before of adults that were much larger. These were about 3inches at most. They didn't seem to bothered by us and came within 8ft of us. really cute.

Of course the GHB's were all over the place doing there fishing, for some reason they seemed even larger than they normally do... this one let me get pretty close... full shot not cropped

I have more exciting photos coming to a screen near you soon!

Hmmm... these look darker than they did last night when I was getting them ready to post, is it just my monitor or do they need to be lightened up some?

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