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Default Re: Photographer Reviews Nikon 8700

Originally Posted by laja
Originally Posted by rabsparks
Comparably outfitted with a 28-200 zoom
The zoom of the 8700 goes from 35 to 280 mm. The 28-200 mm zoom is true for most of the other 8 mp prosumer digicams but not the Nikon.
I almost fell for that one myself when I first read it, but the D70 has a smaller than 35mm focal plane with its 1.5 multiplier you get 42-350 in equivalent terms. Not a perfect match but pretty close and the 28-200 is a cheap (for Nikon glass) lens.

Trying to match up an A2's 28-200 is a little more interesting. You will need 19-133 which will probably mean two lenses and about $1600+ bucks oh and the A2 has IS so ....

For $200 you can extend the 8700 to 28mm and 350mm try that with a D70 :P
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