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Originally Posted by TekiusFanatikus View Post
Could you explain this further? Do you mean to exclusively use a piece of driftwood or to use one to enhance a bird feeder?
I guess I misunderstood. Its just that it adds to the photo it you are successful in getting the bird to land there.

I use tube type feeders as the longer type gravity feeders make it too easy for the sparrows to shovel feed in mass onto the ground. My favorite feeder is the platform type window feeder, but will require more effort because you need to add a cup of feed quite often and clean shelled hulls from the platform. The view is hard to match though.

We also have a few wren houses scattered around the property. They are cheap and all you need to do is clean them out going into the spring and they are fun to watch.

Hummingbird feeders are fun too. Get something bee proof. They drive you nuts when you try to take their picture though!!!
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