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Default Macro on a budget... help please!

I'm enjoying taking photos again (and videos) with my new GH1 outfit, but I do want to explore the wonderful world of macro photography.... however, I simply can't afford a proper m4/3 macro lens at the minute.

I have read that old glass is quite easy to use on the GH1 (via an adaptor of course), and have also read that reversing a lens works well for macro work, giving quite high magnifications.

I don't know what lens(es) would be best to give this a whirl though - 28mm? 50mm? 85mm? I've seen a 52mm thread reversing ring with m4/3 mount on eBay which suggests that all I have to do is find a prime lens with 52mm filter thread, fire it on, and it's good to go backwards, yes?

When you reverse a lens, is the magnification also the opposite way round - e.g. the wider the focal length, the more magnification (so a 28mm lens would offer more enlargement than an 85mm)..?

Given its' usefulness as a portrait (and video) lens, would a 50mm f/1.4 (or f/1.8) would be a good dual-purpose manual lens to have..? Is it even remotely suitable and appropriate for reverse macro..?

Any lens choices (and other macro) advice would be very much appreciated!!
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